Metalsteel was formed in 1999 by Rok Tomšič and Benjamin Kic on guitars and Alex Škofljanec on drums although the band claims that their music career officially started in 2001 when they performed at the School`s Out Festival in their hometown Medvode. The band`s line-up at the time was Jaša Bizjak on drums, Beny Kic on guitar and vocals, Matej Sušnik on bass and Rok Tomšič on the second guitar.

Beny`s lead vocal was soon replaced by Alex Škofljanec who used to play drums in the band. Metalsteel recorded their first Demo simply entitled DEMO 1. The reviews of the demo were published in many foreign magazines including Metal Maniacs.
Later on, the band recorded a new song »Novi Svet« (New World) which was placed on the Slovenian Metal Vol. 1 Compilation. This song became an anthem of the band and still remains one of the classics on the Slovenian rock and metal scene. As the band gained more and more interest and support from the Slovenian metalheads, Jaša Bizjak left the band. He was replaced by a female drummer Daša Trampuš.

In 2003 the band released their first album entitled »Usoda« (Destiny). The album was sold out twice. Metalsteel played numerous shows in Slovenia including Metalcamp 2004 where they shared the stage with Destruction, Apocalyptica, Hypocrisy etc.

In 2005 Alex left the band due to different musical interests. Beny took over the lead vocals once again and the band recorded their second album »Taste The Sin« which made them one of the most important metal acts in Slovenia. The album was also distributed in Germany and Japan. The band performed a lot of major shows and shared the stage with Helloween and W.A.S.P.

In 2007 the band went to the studio to record their third album »Bad In Bed«. First single from the album was a ballad »Spomin« (Memories) which was chosen for the song of the week on the Slovenian national radio. Metalsteel`s fan base was growing with every gig and the band`s plan became to cross the border and introduce their music to the people from abroad.

Soon the band was invited to play in Serbia on the Gitarijada festival where they shared the stage with Steve Lukather.

In August 2009 Metalsteel joined forces with American singer James Rivera (Helstar, Malice, Seven Witches) and formed the European chapter of Sabbath Judas Sabbath performing Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Metalsteel songs. The Band played numerous shows all around Europe.

In December 2010 Metalsteel released their 4th album entitled Entertainment. As the band celebrated their 10th anniversary, they decided to record a live album. The live album entitled »Steel Alive« was recorded in August 2011 in their hometown Medvode. The band continued their performances in Slovenia and some European countries and gained more and more attention in the underground scene. They also performed at the METALCAMP and later on METALDAYS festival and played as an opening act for Saxon in Ljubljana.


In 2013 Metalsteel once again entered the studio and recorded their fifth studio album »This Is Your Revelation«. The album was mastered by legendary Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children Of Bodom,…) at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The band once again proved they are a force to be reckoned with after receiving excellent international reviews.

In 2015, the band appeared in TOYOTA commercial along with their song “THIS IS YOUR REVELATION”.

Metalsteel has recently recorded an official anthem for one of the leading European festivals – Metaldays.

And so the story continues…